Living in Poreč

Poreč is beautiful town located in the west coast of Istria, Croatia. Locals and tourists enjoy many benefits that Poreč provides such as beautiful beaches, inspiring historical old town and vivid and dynamic life during the summer. With around 17 000 residents, it is a perfect combination of a small, everyone-knows-everyone town and a dynamic, ever changing place due to its established role as one of the best go-to destination on mediterranean coast.

It is very close to Italy and Slovenia (one-hour car drive). Istria was on numerous occasions throught history under Italian authotiry and that is a reason of strong presence of Italian community (this is why occasionally you may find Poreč referred to as Parenzo).

One of the things Porečanians are most proud of is an extremely tolerant social enviorment that we created. This is due to many minority groups and a great nubmer of tourist that visit us every summer. This is also the reason why many foreigners decide to buy a vacation house or, in many cases, move to Poreč.

Its not just Poreč that is a source of great fun, but visiting the surrounding towns and nature is a never-ending adventure of exploring a truly breathtaking Istria. If you were ever here, you would know that this is not just us being biased towards our hometown.