Real estate trade

The activity related to the mediation services in buying and selling real estate is one of our basic activities in which we have been engaged for two decades. The agency’s specialized team consists of agents licensed and entered into the Register of Agents at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce who offer consulting services to customers in the sale, purchase, lease and exchange of real estate in order to achieve the customers’ ultimate objective. We inform our customers about rights and obligations, the market price of properties, the necessary documentation and about all the other factors that can influence the sale.

We pay special attention to buyers’ needs in order to turn their ideas about property purchases into reality. We listen carefully to their needs and desires. We inform them about all existing possibilities and law regulations. We support them during all stages of the negotiations until the final stage when the purchase is carried out and the buyer moves into the new property. Thanks to our offer and the offers given by the agencies we work with, our customers have the possibility to reach an accurate vision of properties on market. We work with the best lawyers, notaries public and we hire other experts in order to successfully complete  transactions.

We are located right in the center of Poreč, Zagrebačka 5. We are situated a very short distance from the institutions to which clients have to turn.